Welcome to Hatten Wyatt Wealth Management

If you’re in a position, either personally or through your business, to need the assistance of a wealth management advisor in Kent, then look no further.

Managing wealth isn’t just about the here and now; it’s planning for the future, learning what you are entitled to, how best to grow and develop, and also how to safeguard your assets against any potential threats. Working with our team of financial experts, we can go through every element step by step with you. We can implement monitoring plans, analyse your options, assess any tax payments to ensure they are accurate and just, and put contingencies in place in the event of a change in circumstance.

It is also important to have your wishes clearly documented regarding the allocation of control of assets and wealth should you lose capacity to continue to oversee the management of your affairs, and also your directives regarding beneficiaries in your will for when the time comes.

Using an honest, direct, and professional approach, our experts will listen, learn, and understand your unique situation and will work in partnership with you to implement your requests in a timely and cost efficient fashion, leaving you with peace of mind and secure in the knowledge that what is right for you, we will do.