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UK Inheritance Tax Threshold Frozen until 2026 - How You Can Protect Your Wealth

  • Posted

The UK nil-rate band hasn’t changed since 2009, meaning for the last decade, the amount of inheritance tax families have paid has considerably increased and, more specifically, doubled in amount. When an individual dies, their estate is allowed a...

Gifts left to charity rise 30% in 12 months

  • Posted

The monetary value of gifts being left to charities from people’s estates has increased 30% in the last year, according to research. YouGov polled more than 30,000 adults on behalf of Co-op Legal Services and found that cancer charities attracted the...

Most over-50s plan to carry on working

  • Posted

Almost two-thirds of employed over-50s plan to retire later than they expected to 10 years ago, a report from Aviva has claimed. The study of more than 2,497 adults suggested 63% of people over the age of 50 are willing to push back their retirement date to...

Getting started with financial planning

  • Posted

Spring clean and take charge of your finances. Creating a financial plan usually provides a thorough understanding of your wealth, and can be regularly updated when your circumstances change. Such plans will also help answer one of life’s most burning...

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